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iOS 7: Lock screen music controls

  1. Also in the lock screen as well
  2. iPod
  3. its kinda redundant, unless you disable the control center,
    because you get the same controls in the control center.
  4. I think IOS7 is a great new OS. As much as I like it, I
    still think Apple could have done a better job. Its much to
    vibrant and to me, just doesn't seem like something Apple
    would make. I hope that throughout the beta's they make
    some more significant improvements.
  5. omg that happens to me too!
  6. Yes, in the Music app.
  7. What doesn't make sense to me is that fact that even though
    a song with no album artwork is playing, the lock screen is
    blurred. Why in the world is the lock screen still
    blurred?! It makes no sense!!! Ugh so frustrating!
  8. In my IPhone the Music don't stop anymore -.-
  9. ww w . yo utube. c om/watch?v=GXrHdOZGBEM
  10. need to have setting for current app from airdrop menu!!!
  11. FFS really? Should've kept the music details and volume.
    This looks disgusting. I liked the way album art was
    before. Hopefully JB takes it all back a step. :D
  12. Well it's still in Beta and Apple has plenty of time to fix
    these problems. That's why they release it early to
    developers so they can report the bugs so apple can fix
    them before everyone gets it.
  13. In iPhone 4 ios 7 it's all squish both the album pic and
    music toggle
  14. It would be great if they would add the rating system. Have
    something similar to Jukebox where you flip through
    different sets of controls and the rating system be one of
  16. Yes.
  17. ios 7 will wok on ipad 2 right?
  18. I'm the same with the guy below. Is it because i am not
    using the music app provided by Apple? But am using a
    different app
  19. Guys this is only the first beta! Apple still has a lot to
    add/fix/patch all for the final release. Just wait until
    the final release before you start complaining.
  20. When I want to turn up the volume, if I don't get my finger
    in exactly the right place, then I end up unlocking my
  21. I guess it's up the developers, then, to update their icons.
    And maybe even the UI inside their apps.
  22. check the apple website, they have a ton of high res pics of
    the new app store logo
  23. same here
  24. This looks cleaner although the scrubber is almost
    impossible to reach with one hand operation
  25. What Woscoe1503 said! The pink looks terrible. However, this
    won't matter for me as I use Tunewiki. LIVE LYRICS FTW!


1.22 min
User rating: 4.7942386/5
Username: myjailbreakmovies
Views on youtube: 38112

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Name: iOS 7: Lock screen music controls
Description: Showcasing differences between music on the Lock screen in iOS 6 vs iOS 7.


Name: iOS 7: Lock screen music controls
Description: Showcasing differences between music on the Lock screen in iOS 6 vs iOS 7.

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